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-Our Products-

R Bistro specializes in products you can keep in your pantry and freezer to treat your family or entertain your guests. Quick and easy to use, you’ll find multiple ways to create the perfect dish! We have spent a long time cultivating flavors and perfecting our recipes. Please see our full range of "R" products below!

More coming soon!

A Little History...

R Bistro Crawfish Gravy is our signature recipe created in 1997 in Tulsa, OK. Misty had opened a little spot called Misty’s Gourmet Pantry when the girls were 3 and 4 years old. On Saturdays Joe would man the pantry while Misty was with the girls. He invited all his friends to sit at the bar and created a new gravy sensation called Crawfish Gravy!  People loved it so much that it carried over to our establishment R Bistro where over 25 years later it still remains a favorite and our signature dish that we serve in versatile ways. We serve it on biscuits, rice and famously on “R” award winning Shrimp and Grits or Crawfish Mac and Cheese! Now you can serve it easily in your own home by picking it up from your grocer’s freezer! 

Reviews of R Products

"A little bit French, a little bit southern, and a whole lot good"

-Pat H.

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